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Our Team at Garden of the Gods Trading Post, Manitou Springs, CO

Spirits travel our world in many forms. They come to visit this plane in a manner that was befitting only to them in that moment. What happened here?

Real people looking for real answers. Our group was featured on Fox 21 News. The segment featured Gold Camp Road which had many claims of being haunted. When we set out to debunk the rumors, our findings did not reveal any evidence to support these claims. Upon historical fact finding we did not discover any historical information during our research to back up any of the reports made.

We follow the TAPS mentality and beliefs, although we believe there are many great Psychics, and Mediums out there we do believe that "You cannot prove the paranormal with the paranormal." We have access to them if needed.

With Professionalism, Personality, Confidentiality and Respect for your privacy, we bring recording devices to your home or business to hopefully record evidence of your paranormal experiences. We do not share or publish any details of your investigation without your written consent. We will bring a comforting and secure approach to your situation. All of our members have signed a confidentiality contract and are fully trained. And do not enter your home till they have completed 90 days of training.

We will help you to understand what is happening and help you see that the danger is minimal. Our group will supply you with the information needed to understand what may be done. We are here for you and our phones are always open to comfort and inform.

When we arrive at your home or business we will set up our equipment and try to recreate and/or debunk all the claimed experiences. Our team will set out to find solid scientific evidence to support the claims. Just please remember the spirits do not perform on command and other times they can't wait to join in. Our Investigation will last any where from 4 to 6 hrs depending on your request and activity. 

We will provide you with a CD and final report of the evidence we found.

We are a 100% FREE service; all expenses are covered by member’s dues. Please feel free to contact Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters…. your friendly neighborhood Ghost Hunters!

Dorothy Tunnicliff - CSGH Founder,
Investigation Leader & Historian.

“I am proud to be Chris' wife. We have been married for 14 years. I had my first paranormal experance on Dec 25 1970. When my grandfather came for a little visit.  I am a 20 + year survivor of Breast Cancer. I have 14 years Electronics background and 20+ years experience in Management. I love to follow the history of people and places and do genealogy research. I am a true believer in the power of the spirit but I want to show by a scientific approach that they do exist. I am responsible for organizing all functions, the creation of our training manual, as well as many other group activities. I also keep our records and historical background checks. I do research and am responsible for all levels of training. I am dedicated, loyal, and trustworthy. I want CSGH to become a strong voice in the Paranormal field. I insist that all of our members have a good standing in the community and that each and everyone work with total integrity.”

Chris C - Lead Investigator / Video Tech

“I am a true skeptic, but never doubt the real evidence. I have 8 years of experience working in the field of electronics to include installation and maintenance of electronic surveillance systems. I believe that, to prove anything, reliable evidence is the best way to secure proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I am primarily responsible for set up and operation of the video systems in use by CSGH. I believe I am a trustworthy asset who works with integrity, helping to grow CSGH into one of the more respected groups in our community.”

“The truth has no agenda.”

Vickey L - Investigator

Bio to come

From time to time we do have Interviews for new member, If you would like to be added to the list please send us a request via our serviced page...