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Our Investigations. *Please note not all listed*

Cashtown Inn - Cashtown PA. - May 2008

Well worth the trip! Great stories, atmosphere, and owners. We rented the whole top floor. We did get evidence but we do not have the owner’s permission to release. We were awoken by a chair being moved across a hardwood floor…the interesting thing about this though was that the room was carpeted. The guest before us had spent the night in their car because they also had experiences.

Private Home - Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO. Oct 2008

Home owner had invited guest which made this investigation not worth our time and effort. If we are unable to control the environment then we cannot do a scientific investigation.

Navajo Hogan Roadhouse - Colorado Springs, CO. Nov 2008

A daytime investigation with many EVP’s. EMF’s were high in areas. Also we had lots of personal experiences. The Navajo Hogan is for sale and we can’t wait to get in again.

St. Nicholas Hotel - Cripple Creek, CO. Nov 2008

So many high EMF’s, it was crazy. The staircase that they state they see a man walking on had EMF’s over 100 MG. We have no evidence at this time due to the fact that we tried this one with another paranormal group that was not very orderly.

Gold Camp Rd - Colorado Springs, CO. Spring 2009

Our group was featured on Fox 21 News. The segment featured Gold Camp Road which had many claims of being haunted. When we set out to debunk the rumors, our findings did not reveal any evidence to support these claims.

City Auditorium - Colorado Springs, CO. June 2009

This one was uneventful x2. The local bars are so loud that we could hear the words to the music even on the recorders. If this place is haunted the spirits do not REST IN PEACE here.

Case #966a x3 Private Home - Walsenburg, CO. - Aug 2009

Case #966b x2 Private Home Walsenburg, CO. - UFO - Aug/Sept 2009

We obtained photo evidence on several cameras of UFO’s using digital, film, and disposable cameras. We have called in MUFON and they have come and looked at the evidence. They seem to think that we have something but we are not releasing photographs yet.

Case #910 - Private Home N. Wahsatch, Colorado Springs, CO. Oct 2009

Home built in 1902. EMF off the scales in this one. One EVP was gotten but no release from the owners at this time. UPDATE home has been sold.

Case #967 - Private Home S. Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO. Oct 2009

Case #968 - Private Business, Falcon, CO. Nov 2009

This was a unique call, it was from a new business. They have a pool and there were reports of children playing in the (new indoor) pool when the business was closed. They saw water rippling and no one in the water. We set up all kinds of trigger objects and did not get any evidence. 2 of our previous members worked there and had personal experiences often. I hope we can get there a second time maybe in the summer when the heaters can be off.

Case #959 - Private Home E. Monument St, Colorado Springs, CO. Dec 2009.

Built in 1925. Complaints were of doors opening up on their own. The home also has a small business and customers complain of being touched. As our members were finishing up on an EVP session we were pleasantly surprised by…you guessed it… a door that was firmly closed opening up on it’s own. We caught it on DVR!

Case #960a - Private Home Colorado Springs, CO. Jan 2010

Case #960b - Colorado Springs, CO. Feb 2010

Case #971 - Private Home Security, CO. Jan 2010

Complaints were of seeing mists and hearing noises after the father’s items were moved into the clients home after the father’s death. In one of the rooms the shade turned and was swaying, so a member of our team asked, “Can you make that move again?’ The answer was, “Do you live here?” , spoken in a small girl’s voice.

Case #974 - Apartment Building Colorado Springs, CO. Feb 2010

Case #975 - Apartment Building Colorado Springs, CO. Feb 2010

Case #976 - Private Home E. Kiowa St, Colorado Springs, CO. Feb 2010

Case #977 - Private Home Longmont CO. March 2010

Case #977B - Private Home Longmont CO. June 2010

This involved a child no info to be released

Case #978 - Avenue Hotel B&B, Manitou Springs, CO 3/7/2010 Findings:  We set up a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system with 4 cameras throughout the top floors of the building to capture any video evidence. Unfortunately, before we could conduct a review of the footage, there was a failure of the hard drive that all the video was recorded onto. We were unable to view any of the DVR footage, but still had camcorders and audio recorders throughout the building.

One report was that of the third floor bathroom door opening on its own. We checked the door and it required significant effort to close securely. It was very easy to pull it to, but it would not latch closed. We noticed that the storm window portion of the bathroom window was opened, but the inner original window was closed. There was also evidence of recent painting going on in the room. We thought that during painting or remodeling, if the windows were left open for ventilation, this could have caused an air flow situation that could cause the door to open on its own. We opened the bathroom window, pushed closed the bathroom door as best we could, and opened exterior doors one at a time. The bathroom door would open immediately when any exterior door was opened, even the main door on the first floor.

While on the third floor investigators were spread out in the stairway, northwest room, and northeast rooms (the Manitou Suite). A camcorder was running in the northwest room and a noise was heard a few seconds after the refrigerator shut off at 8m29sec into the recording. The sound was a “HMM” sound and was heard and recorded on the camcorder (evidence item #1). The sound seemed to have come from inside the house on the third floor in the Pikes Peak Room.

While spread out in the Canon room and the Midland room, the investigator in the Canon room heard a “Thump” sound and felt the floor shake. The camcorder clip (evidence item #2) of this captures this event at 6m23sec.

While in the common area at the top of the stairs on the third floor, all three investigators clearly heard the rapid sound of an inhaling breath. All three investigators heard the noise in the area between us, but none of us made such an abrupt breath. Unfortunately no recording devices caught this sound, which was talked about on the camcorder footage at 11m05sec. The camcorder was left running in the Pikes Peak Room (evidence item #3). Shortly after this event, investigators were still in the common area of the third floor when we heard some very loud “BUMP” noises, one after another, at 18m43sec. One investigator felt the floor shake from these noises. We immediately heard whispering voices in the area of the Pikes Peak Room and thought we were experiencing some amazing paranormal experiences. Further investigation found that the neighbors to the west had just arrived home, had closed the car doors making the “bump” sounds, and were talking as they walked into the house next door.

Investigators were in the Ruxton room and the question was asked “can you show yourself to us?” Eight seconds later there was a noise that the investigators heard and was recorded on an audio recorder (evidence item #4). They asked the question “can you make that noise again?” Eight seconds later there was another noise.

Investigators were in the Ruxton room and one investigator had a piece of candy and placed it on the bed. The investigator asked for someone to come pick up the piece of candy and indicated the item by crinkling the wrapper to the piece of candy. In the background there is an unexplained cry noise that was recorded on an audio recorder (evidence item #5).While still in the Ruxton room, investigators were mentioning that only “you” can change the colors of the lights on a meter that was being used in the room. About 6-7 seconds later there is a “tap” noise, then a female sounding whisper that was recorded on an audio recorder (evidence item #6).Investigators were on the third floor and one investigator was taking temperature readings in the Manitou Room. We were discussing which rooms temperature readings had been taken in, and there was a recorder at the top of the stairs. There was a whispering voice, heard only on the recorder (evidence item #7), during our conversation. The voice sounds like it says “first time” or “the time”.

One team was on the third floor, and the other team was in the Pawnee room’s sitting area. The team upstairs heard a noise outside in the hallway and began to talk about the noise. After talking about the noise, the recorder which was at the top of the stairs on the third floor recorded a voice talking (evidence item #8).Investigators were sitting in the hallway talking about getting EMF readings. There was a recorder at the top of the stairs on the third floor that recorded a male voice whispering a statement during our conversation (evidence item #9).The recorder at the top of the stairs on the third floor caught the humming sound of what sounds like a vacuum several times throughout the night. Some of the audio clips there sounds like a click noise as the sound starts, and a click as the sound stops. These noises were not noticed during the investigation, only during review of the audio recordings. These items are listed as evidence item #10, and lasts 7 seconds. Evidence item #11, lasting 31 seconds. Evidence item #12, lasting 4 seconds.


There were some incidents that happened that night for which we found plausible explanations. There were also several incidents that we could not explain. Many things were recorded that were not heard during the investigation, but only on playback of the audio. Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters will let the evidence stand for itself, and you can come to your own conclusions.

Great B&B! We got at least 12 pieces of evidence from this one. I will tell you, when I went to do the interview I was sitting on the couch while Gwenn, the innkeeper was on the phone with a customer. I heard someone just as plain as day yell down the stairs, "MOM!" When Gwenn got off the phone I told her that her daughter was calling for her. Gwenn said her daughter was not there and that she was not due home for hours. It was just the 2 of us in the B&B. That was a great experience!

Case #979 - Onaledge Bed & Breakfast Manitou Springs, CO. March 25 2010.
Findings:                                                                                                                                  During the pre-investigation, Dorothy went to the van to retrieve a camera, Anthony was on the main floor balcony overlooking the parking area. Anthony saw a puff of smoke below and on the east side of the balcony. He also smelled the smell of sulfur (as if someone lit a match). He looked over the balcony and there was no one there, and no known reason for the smoke. Dorothy returned to the balcony with the camera and also smelled the smell of sulfur. Dorothy took some photos of the outside of the building. One photo was of the sitting room window on the main level, taken from the outside. In the photo there appears to be a bearded man looking out the window (evidence item #1). Another photo of the north side of the exterior of the house, looking at the window of the main staircase from the main floor to the second floor. The area of interest in the photo is the far left window as seen in the photo. There may be the image of a boy in the window (evidence item #2).For the investigation, we set up Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cameras throughout the house in areas of reported activity. One DVR camera was set up in the Craftwood room, facing the bathroom and entry doorway into the room. Our aim was to capture the reported apparitions coming out of the bathroom. We did not record anything that substantial, but there was a strange white flash that passed close to the camera for only one frame of video. This happened at 1945 hours. There was no one in the room, or even on that floor, at the time. All members of our team have seen the video and we can not explain what the white flash could be. (evidence item #3)Investigators left an audio recorder on the hutch on the second floor, in the common area at the top of the stairs. All investigators left the building (coffee run) and had been gone for approximately five minutes when the audio recorder captured the sound of a “cla-click” (evidence item #4). There was an audio recorder running at the same time on the first floor that did not record this clicking noise, indicating that the noise was near the recorder, on the second floor.

Investigators were in the Fireplace Room’s bedroom discussing the supposition that the apparition in that room is a female. There was an audio recorder running that captured the sound of a woman whispering (evidence item #5).

In the Fireplace Room investigators were conducting an audio recording session and the recorder picked up what may be the sound of a breath (evidence item #6).All investigators were on the main floor and a recorder was left on the hutch on the second floor, in the common area at the top of the stairs. The recorder has the sound of a mans voice that sounds like it is close to the recording device. The voice may be saying “get over here”. (evidence item #7) Immediately after the voice, one of the investigators asks “Do you guys hear talking?”

Two investigators were in the Onaledge room, and set a recorder down between the two of them. They were separated by approximately 20 feet and each heard a “huh” sound that sounded like it was coming from between them. The audio recorder that was between them picked up the sound of the “huh” very distinctly. (evidence item #8)Investigators were in the sitting room area of the second floor room on the south west corner. An audio recorder was running and the members were talking about the small house near the Craftwood Inn. During the conversation a male voice seemed to whisper “This is a knock”, which was followed by a knock. (evidence item #9) None of the investigators in the room heard the voice or the knock.

One investigator asked the question “If I told you it was Thursday, would you believe me?”. Eight seconds later there was a whispering voice the seemed to respond “No” (evidence item #10).While going to the lounge area of the Fireplace Room, the recorder on the hutch at the top of the stairs recorded a sound. (evidence item #11) The investigators were heard in the distance, and there seems to be a voice close to the recorder that whispered “Oh yeah”.

There was an unusual sound recorded on the recorder on the hutch at the top of the stairs. The recorder has the sound of the investigators in the kitchen talking and there seems to be a noise close to the recorder that we can not explain or identify. (evidence item #12)While sitting on the couches in the sitting room on the first floor all investigators were talking about where the furnace room was. There was a recorder on the glass table between the couches that recorded the sound of a male voice that appears to say “What?”. (evidence item #13) One of the investigators heard a sound and responded to it.

While walking to the Rock Ledge to return the keys at the end of the night, we took several pictures on our walk up the hill. (evidence item #14, 15, 16, 17) Strange mists and red lights appeared in the photos, but we could not see them with the naked eye. We tried to debunk them in different lighting and different areas to make sure that the mists seen in the photos was not condensation from breath.                                                                    Conclusion:

All the investigators were impressed with this Bed and Breakfast. The rooms were very comfortable, authentic, and we all felt very welcome. Several of our investigators did have personal paranormal experiences that were recorded. A number of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) were retrieved from multiple recorders in different areas throughout the building. Some incidents were even recorded while no one was in the building. The audio and video evidence is strange, and does seem to coincide with events that were reported. Colorado Springs Ghost Hunters will let the evidence stand for itself, and you can come to your own conclusions.
These B&B's just keep getting better and better…18 pieces of evidence! We captured 2 pictures of faces that will be posted soon. We also caught something that swooshes by the DVR, the action was so fast that it is only on one frame. Our evidence revealed a mysterious fog that we caught crossing our path. In addition, there were strange red rod type things flying in front of us outside and disembodied voices were recorded. An investigation can't get any better than this! This location has a contract with TAP's. We can't wait to see what they find.

Case #980 - Red Crags Bed & Breakfast Manitou Springs, CO. April 2010.

We received so much evidence from this local. WOW! We also had a guest, Chuck Zukowski, formerly of MUFON, assist us on this one. He brought in some unique equipment. We received over 18 pieces of Audio and Video Evidence. We even had over 6 minutes of a Camcorder on a tripod moving on it’s own with no one near the room. Talking was even present in the place while all of the investigators went out for coffee. What a place!

Case #982 - Craftwood Inn Manitou Springs, CO. July 2010.

We did get some evidence but we were disappointed because they had left the doors and windows open, and the air conditioner and heater on. That was a Big OHHHHHH!!! We are scheduled to do another investigation.

Case #982 - 11 Craftwood Inn Manitou Springs, CO. 2011

This Investigation went much more smoothly and we have some awesome evidence to reveal.

Case #983 - Private Home Denver CO. July 2010

Case #984 - Private Home Colorado Springs CO. Aug 2010

Case #985 - Private Home Black Forest CO. Aug 2010

Clients did not stay gone as promised so the Investigation ended early and no evidence caught.

Case #986 - Private Historical Home Colorado Springs, CO. October 2010.

This is one of the homes featured in the Pioneers Museum.

Case #987 - St James Hotel Cimarron NM. Sept 2010

Case #988 - Private Home Wheat Ridge CO.

Case #989 11 - Private Home Colorado Springs CO.

Case #990 11- StageCoach Inn, Manitou Springs CO.

Case #991 11 - Private Apartment Plateville, CO.

Case #992 11 - Private home Colorado Springs, CO.

Case #994 11 - Garden of the Gods Trading Post Manitou Springs, CO.

The was the most spectacular place to investigate. It was full of hidden treasures. Info to come soon.

Case #995 11 Navajo Hogan Colorado Springs, CO

Evidence soon in review

Case #996 11 Spruce Lodge, South Fork, CO

Evidence soon in review

Case # 997 11 Cave of the Winds, Manitou Springs, CO

Case # 998 11 - Private Home - Colorado Springs, CO

Case # 999 11 awaiting Investigation - Colorado Springs, CO

Case # 1000 11 - Hidden Evil Ink - Colorado Springs, CO

Case # 1001 11 - Private Home - Greely, CO

Case # 1002 11 Private Home - Colorado Springs, CO

Case # 1003

Case # 1004

Case # 1005

Case # 1006

Case # 1007 12

Case # 1008 12

Case #1009 12

Case # 1010 12

Case # 1011 12

Case # 1012 12  Manitou Business TBA Manitou Springs, CO

Case # 1013 12

Case # 1014 12

Case # 1015 12

Case # 1016 12   One of the most impressive investigations to date.

Case # 1017 12

Case # 1018 12

Case # 1019 12

Case # 1020 12 This was to be asylum 49, It was canceled on us at the last min. And we were half way there :( 

Case # 1021 12

Case # 1022 12

Case # 1023 12

Case # 1024 12

Case # 1025 12

Case # 1026 12

Case # 1027 12

Case # 1028 13

Case # 1029 13

Case # 1030 13

Case # 1031 13  Rush, CO

Case # 1032 13 Manitou Springs, CO