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We will keep you up to date. 99% of all our investigations come from this website or call ins from our vehicle ads.

Our investigations have few limitations…we conduct investigations for businesses, private residences, B&B’s, inns, hotels, historical locations, etc. However, you will rarely find us in cemeteries unless we go to such a unique one while we are on vacation.

From time to time we may place an out of place photograph onto our website that has been given to us by a client. We only consider using these photos once they have been determined not to be a fake. Creating fake photographs are getting easier and easier to make so we verify all client sent photos. Today’s technology, such as iPhone applications and other computer graphic programs, has made it possible to add ghostly images to any pictures. We will never place a fabricated or an altered photo onto our site except to show why it is a fake, accompanied with full explanations why. We pride ourselves in being diligent on weeding out altered images.
All pictures and evidence on this page are here with written consent of our clients.

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